Hadex Disinfection

Hadex® keeps the drinking water in good condition. Especially in offshore conditions, the safety of drinking water onboard ships and rigs cannot be taken for granted. Hadex® prevents water wastage and saves time, as against other disinfecting agents that are harmful, dangerous and/or difficult to dose.  Above all, it is food grade and an approved disinfectant for continuous dosing in drinking water.


Hadex Disinfection products

Size Application Part number
30 ml Disinfecting water bottle while traveling 0900-HDEX30ML
250 ml (Shock) treatment watertank boat or camper 0900-HDEX250ML
1 liter (Shock) treatment larger watertank or medical use 0900-HDEX01GR
2,5 liter Continuous dosing drinking water system (ADR-free!) 0900-HDEX02,5
10 liter Continuous dosing drinking water system (automatic) 0900-HDEX10,0
25 liter Continuous dosing drinking water system (automatic) 0900-HDEX25,0


Do you need to chlorinate drinking water for an individual water container, for example on a boat or in a camper? The smallest quantities of Hadex®, 30 or 250 ml are bottled especially for these kind of applications. If you need to treat drinking water in a larger water bunker or complex water system, Hadex® is available in cans of 1, 2.5, 10 or 25 liters. Whatever the application, it will keep your water clean for a long period of time. 

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  • SDS English | Safety Data Sheet Hadex Food Grade Drinking Water Disinfectant

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  • PDS Hadex digital test kit

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