Hadex Disinfectant

Hadex® drinking water disinfectant is designed to keep your drinking water clean and safe from bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms. Hadex® is a food grade drinking water disinfectant. Following the world’s strictest requirements, Hadex® has been tested and approved by many international authorities as a pure and stable product to disinfect your water with.

Hadex® water treatment developed itself as the leading product in its category beginning in the maritime sector in the 1970's. Nowadays, Hadex® is the proven standard for decades for both maritime companies worldwide to keep their crew safe and private persons to enjoy their free time hiking, camping and sailing worry-free. Wherever you need safe drinking water, after applying Hadex® your drinking water is ready for human consumption after just 30 minutes!*

  • Food grade quality
  • Approved by many international authorities
  • For both professional and personal use
  • Leading product in its category for decades
  • Concentrated formula (1 litre Hadex® = 50.000 liter clean drinking water)
  • No more plastic water bottles needed
  • Drinking water ready in just 30 minutes!

Personal application

Hadex® disinfection comes in different packaging for different purposes. The 1 litre, 250ml and 30ml variants are suitable for personal use. You can use the 1 litre and 250ml for both shock- and normal treatment. They’re mostly used for water tanks in sailboats, campers, caravans and yachts. The 30ml package is most suitable for dosing your water bottle while hiking or climbing in the great outdoors.

Professional application

The 25, 10 and 2.5 litre versions are suitable for professional situations when large amounts of drinking water are required. The 2.5 litre comes in a box of 2 units and is free from ADR-restrictions. Your water can also be continuously dosed using our dosing units, for both shock- and normal treatment. The quality of the water treatment can easily be measured using our digital and/or manual water testing kits.

* this result applies for water of a reasonable quality. If you have any doubts, always read the manual first

Size Application Part number IMPA
30 ml Disinfecting water bottle 0900-HDEX30ML N/A
250 ml Watertank boat or camper 0900-HDEX250ML N/A
1 liter Larger watertank or medical use 0900-HDEX01GR 550665
2,5 liter Continuous dosing (ADR-free!) 0900-HDEX02,5 550666
10 liter Continuous dosing (automatic) 0900-HDEX10,0 550667
25 liter Continuous dosing (automatic) 0900-HDEX25,0 550668

Hadex Downloads

  • MSDS English | Safety Data Sheet Hadex Food Grade Drinking Water Disinfectant

    Download Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

  • Hadex Digital Test Kit

    Download our data sheet (PDF)

  • Hadex application data sheet

    Download our application data sheet (PDF - 5,6 MB)


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